Public Art


We have created a so called ‘Ozeanmatte’ during the Luxembourg grant in 2011


On the high seas, recycling unusable rope was a menial task for ordinary seamen. Shattered ropes of the rigging were reworked into ocean mats, slider yarn or other objects of daily use that no longer have to withstand the forces of nature. During this boring activity, which was often carried out in windless weather, people told each other stories from days gone by. Quite often these stories were enriched, modified and partly entirely made up to amuse the listeners in the best possible way. Monster waves, giant squids, the Flying Dutchman, Klabauter stories and other ghost tales have given “Schiemannsgarn” spinning a different meaning over time. “Seemannsgarn” became synonymous with all mythical stories with dubious content and truth.

The sculptural work ‘Seemannsgarn’ takes up the aspects of craft work and storytelling.

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This oversized wickerwork is located in the south of Luxembourg near the town of Schifflange on the wayside of the so-called ‘Sentiers Rouge’ hiking trails.