Public Art


We have created the ‘Stadtperiskop’ after a architectural competion in 2010


In 2008, the city periscope by Engels/Ritter won an architectural competition for designing a square in front of the former mining directorate building in Saarbrücken. The periscope was realized in 2010.

Since then, it has not only been a landmark of Saarbrücken’s city center, but has also created countless interactions between visitors and the location. By using the city periscope, people can observe the surroundings from six meters above the ground. The periscope is located directly in front of the entrance to the current Europa Galerie. This is where the visual axes of the adjacent streets between the city center and the state capital’s train station converge.

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The city persicope works self-sufficiently with solar power and can be operated via handles.

The construction is self-supporting and can be swiveled smoothly through 360 degrees. The surroundings can be explored by day and night via a screen.